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Pratt Regional Medical Center Employee Benefits

At Pratt Regional Medical Center, we understand the importance of employee benefits. We understand that benefits may be just as essential as salary depending upon the employees need. A great benefit package is like the wrapping on a present. We want to provide the support to an employee’s family, health, and financial future. At PRMC we don’t want the usual we want our benefits to be Simply the Best.

In our “Benefits at a Glance” you will find an overview of each plan available during your employment. This is not intended to give you complete knowledge of each policy, but to give you some information that might help you decide which options may be of interest to you. There are different levels of coverage available and options to cover yourself, your spouse, and/or your eligible dependents. In all cases, PRMC policy or insurance product policy shall govern.

Our Human Resources Team

At Pratt Regional Medical Center we desire to be the employer of choice. We are working to find the best people to provide the best quality and to provide the best service. We are Simply the Best!

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